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Monday, February 05, 2007

I am moving!

To cut a long story short: It has become extremely difficult to avoid Blogger's trying to force me to change to the new Google Blogger.... which I do not wish to do for various reasons.

As deleting my cookies and restarting not always provides a work-around onto the old Blogger I am disabling comments now (imported all the old ones into a new blog already, so don't fret), so that I don't have to manually copy them later on.

I'm a bit busy these weeks at work as well, but hopefully the blog will be done after this weekend (Feb 12) or the one after that at the latest (Feb 19).

As I don't know if I'll be able to log on here for another official announcement I can't be anything but vague about the date. Sorry!!

At the moment the new one is still offline but I will put the link into my blogroll already.

Update! I can't believe I am here, inside the workings of my blog. For 2 days I have been trying to log on and alway got the "update to Google Blogger first" page. Whew!

For all of you who already bookmarked my new address as it was given in the blogroll, sorry, dudes, I decided to buy my own server space in the meantime to have more freedom. Will add the real one to the blogroll when I'm done posting this. (Just in case I get kicked out after posting: the blog

The new one still needs a bit of work, but who knows when I'd get the chance to log on here again to make announcements. I am confident the final touches will have been added to the blog after the weekend, read: on Monday, Febuary 26.

See ya over there,