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Sunday, December 17, 2006

'Tis the season...

... to go and mix up the ole rat poison. *winks at the Mad Canuck*

What do you get if you mix rose-water with potash and hartshorn salt (aka carbonate of ammonia)? Ah, the name of one of the ingredients suggests it already, doesn't it? As I told some people last night, the eye-watering mixture smells like something you can clean drains with (or more likely dissolve them).

What sounds like me going totally medieval and meddling with the alchemical arts is in truth the rather antique raising agent used for traditional gingerbread recipes.

Yes, you can truly eat the result. I just did, and I'm absolutely carpooled, the carpet is growing, see if they don't!

homemade gingerbread

It's a tad too early to say "Merry Christmas!", but have a nice christmassy season anyway!!!!!