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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


First of all... Hi, Annika! *waves* I can see you poking your nose in here, you know. :D Kann dann ja doch nich' so kompliziert sein....? ;)

Anyway, damn Frenzie for being faster than me in posting about our trip to Brussels last Friday!

While Frenzie was taking pictures of submarines I hastily packed my last few things, then headed out to his place.
After a - barely - vegan meal, a not very good movie ("AI") and a way too short night we started to Brussels at around 9:00 am. Rather surprisingly - after the coldish Thursday - the temperature was around the 20°C mark when we arrived 3.5 hours later at our host's place. What was at least equally surprising was that we did not have to pull over a dozen times to find out where we were, nor drive around the block ten times before resigning ourselves to park illegally anyway, as happened on both of my previous trips to Brussels. Brussels is a nightmare to navigate through, but fortunately our host had moved to a different area (and a wayyyyy bigger flat) that was easier to find, and allowed parking all along the streets. Actually we managed to park almost right across from the house.

Also, Brussels has recently introduced guards for parked cars, as we found out when heading out to the venue a while later:

cat security

And this is me taking the pic of the little bugger:

© Frenzie 2006

The actual venue was the oddest one I've seen so far. Le Botanique is a small club situated in a more or less airy (in some places stifling) complex mostly covered by glass, beside a very small park.
The other thing I found most odd was the total lack of security. No-one asked us if we had a right to enter the venue hours before the show. Yes, we arrived with a member of the local opening act, but no-one was there to take note of that and remember our faces or anything. Even later at the gig... apart from two people at the door checking the tickets there was no security at all. Weird Belgians. ;)

Le Botanique

After having handed two drugged vegan sausages to the main act's singer - under the pretext of once having talked about those sausages on the chat - Frenzie and I decided to take a stroll through Brussels, which eventually led us to the Parc de Bruxelles. Sadly, the only interesting thing about that "park" was a fountain. But the rainbow inside tried to add a bit of glamour to it all.

Parc de Bruxelles

The fountain also occasionally contained a mad dog, who kept running half circles around the fountain and stopping for the odd drink.


Well, you can only look at five trees for so long, so eventually we headed back to Le Botanique. Halfway there we spotted a strange Dutch-Scandinavian tourist group, being led by two confused Belgians, heading in the opposite direction on the other side of the road. Their directionless ambling seemed to promise some modest entertainment, so we decided to join them.
Some tourists wished to see the famed Manneken Pis (if you don't know what that is, dear readers, just don't ask, ok, you don't want to know), so the would-be guides finally started asking directions to Grand Place.
At some other square the Scandinavian faction admired the merchandise of a souvenir shop, showing particular interest in the hats and sunglasses.

super-cool head gear


*almost finding the perfect sunglasses*

This and buying a toothbrush severely exhausted the whole group, so we all sat down for a beer (and a coffee) at that same square.
Yeah, you guessed right, we never actually made it to Grand Place or the Manneken Pis.
The odd Scandinavians soon headed back to the venue with one of the guides, and - luckily - arrived as safely as the rest of us did with the second guide a while later.

Back at the venue a very nice person put us on a very nice list, and not long after that the local opening act started to play.


Look, it's one of the guides, drinking a beer and enjoying Shogun!!


After that Frenzman and me rather enjoyed the cooler air outside of the actual club and missed the second opener, Superbutt. Yeah, shame on us!
We went back in again for Clawfinger though. ;)

Zak's left leg, Jocke

more of Zak, Jocke pointing at... what?



Jocke again


Zak, finally spacing out on the sausages ;)

"You can't catch me, try to catch me if you can,

you can't catch me, try to catch me if you can,

you can't



Or can they?

Bård & André

Jocke, Zak

After the show we shivered a bit outside, then grabbed something to pour into our parched throats and collapsed at a table, wondering where Julien had disappeared to.

Well, he finally appeared and organized a ride back to his flat for us, then he went out to work and party some more.

Weird Dutchie, trying to invent the kamikaze sleeping position......

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ok, kids...

... I'll be gone for a couple of days, so be good and don't make too much of a mess, ok?

To keep you busy till I'm back....

... here's a pic of some weird bugs I saw today....

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hi there!

Nice of you to drop in. Go on, have a seat!
*shuts door*

Yeah, thanks, I think that's a really cool colour as well. *blushes*

Wow, did these days just rush by you like that as well? One day it's Good Friday, and the whole long weekend is up ahead, and all of a sudden the freaking acolytes have been there chanting and making a ruckus at 2am on Sunday morning (And had the nerve to come collect money later at a more reasonable time of day. Do I look like a Catholic? Buzz off, the lot of you!) and the heavy smell of wood smoke from Sunday evening has left the air....

Is something the matter?

Well, and now it's Monday already; the weekend is over, and there's another boring work day up ahead.

Yes, that's a flowerpot, very nice plant in, even if I say so myself; are you paying attention to what I am saying? Why are you sniffing the plant, it has no flowers, now, has it...?

Anyway, at least those'll only be two days of work before I have time off again. I am going to go to that concert in Brussels; I'm sure you remember...

... What exactly are you doing there poking around in that corner?

It's me, ok? Me!
I smell like a mud pit! Yes, don't look at me like that. It's because of my hair. Or rather the colour. You know how I've been complaining about the dies destroying my hair? Well, now I went and bought some natural henna and whatnot colour. Why don't you just open a window then?

Ooh, sorry 'bout the watering can; I always put it in awkward places. Good thing you only watered your hands, haha. Well, you know where I keep my towels.

Hey, what's the matter, why are you cursing like that?! Hey, wait!!! What the....?

*picks up towel*

*opens window and hollers at departing car*
Hey, I know what it looks like, but it's only that henna stuff!!!


*shuts window*

*sits down and admires self in mirror*

I may smell of mud and have a bathing towel that looks as if someone with some serious diarrhoea has been using it as toilet paper, but I really dig my new hair colour!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter!

The calendar keeps yelling "Spring!!!!!" at me, but still it's not really showing. It just keeps on raining, sleeting and more or less freezing.

To evoke the spirit of spring I shall post this picture that I took last year on the 28th day of October.

This lovely butterfly was sitting above our kitchen window, drinking in the late, late warm autumn sun just like everybody else was.

Not really much to tell otherwise.

Somebody sent me a funny movie (*smirks*).

It's frigging cold.

Work sucks more than usual.

I turned 33.

It's frigging cold.

Tomorrow (today...) I'm invited to a party with dreadful beer. Will have to think of something to take with me. Preferably something that'll keep me alert enough to be able to wrestle A. and J. for a sleeping place on the sofa and win. Taking up the generous offer of sharing C.'s bed with him is not an option should he offer that again, considering he tried to push me through the wall that one time I did sleep there. Sheesh, what a night that was. Anyone ever tried wrestling a fast asleep, dead drunk guy while all you wanna do is sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...?
Apart from the beer it'll be cool to see some good friends again.
(Note to self: don't forget Easter sweets for C.)

Next week by this time I'll be fast asleep in Enschede, Holland, eagerly awaiting the next day that'll take Frenzie and me into a nightmare, er, to Brussels, Belgium, J. - our most gracious host, a Clawfinger gig, N. - the lovely Merch Bitch and a Dutch asshole that'll hopefully stay as far away from me as possible.
(Note to self: refrain from braining R.; that'd be considered bad style.)

Did I mention that it's frigging cold?

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Last Monday...

... I took the car out to the woods close to the river Ems.

Seeing how nice the last water pictures had turned out to be I walked over to the river first.

real river spray this time

view into dam under the bridge

view upriver

yeah, more flowers

And a few pictures, the taking of which made me seriously seasick:


... down from...

... the bridge

true cross roads of paved road and forest path

tired tree, resting its branch on the ground

same tree from other side

the ditch it's leaning across

tree that I suspect likes to go for the occasional walk...

... or what do you think?

approaching dusk & thunderstorm

Hey, this is really fun!
Although I have to admit that traipsing around wildernesses for more than an hour at a time really takes it out of an untrained, lazy person such as me. *blushes*
Maybe that's a good reason to do that more often this summer - if I can find the time.